Tyrel Chambers


I write mainly for myself, but hopefully they help you too!

  • How to get through your first year as a Web Developer

    I'd like to more or less document my first year as a web developer. Although that was two years ago, I'll lay out a high-level view in hopes it'll help. This is geared towards the new developers in the crowd.

  • I've exited the Matrix. You should too.

    For the past couple years I've been using so much Typescript and Javascript, it should probably be illegal. That's been the case for about 10 years, ever since I actually began teaching myself programming. Learning new languages has been eye-opening.

  • Why learning the basics is important for beginners

    I want to talk about going from knowing a limited amount of programming knowledge to jumping into using libraries like React, or Tailwind, or Bootstrap even. If you like this article, let me know, if not, crucify me - it's fine.

  • Laid off.

    F in the chat.

  • How to use Next.js in Docker on DigitalOcean with NextAuth

    In this short, but potentially growing, post, I want to let you know how I run my Next.js application in Docker on DigitalOcean. This also incorporates Next Auth!

  • How I went from 277lbs to 225lbs in 1.5 years #DevsWhoRun

    I went from 277lbs to 227lbs in 1.5 years. Now things have changed. This is my running journey.

  • How to gain confidence as a junior developer

    These are some things I've learned about gaining confidence as a junior developer.

  • Introducing JSOperators.com

    I created JSOperators.com to help you and I find javascript operators in a flash

  • Networking to get your first web-development job

    Landing your first job usually involves sending hundreds of resumes. I want to talk about how networking helped me get my first web development job.

  • How to avoid "hobby" burnout

    Losing one's passion for their hobbies through burnout is incredibly common. Here's how I avoid it.

  • How I transferred Postgres data using Sequelize

    I used Sequelize to migrate data from one Postgres database to another

  • Why I use React Query

    React Query has quickly become my go-to tool for executing API calls

  • What is the CSS Box Model?

    Knowing what the different properties of the CSS box model are, can help you figure out how your content works with padding, margin and borders.

  • Build a Reddit Scraper: Setting up Dexie.js

    Welcome! Today I want to walk you through the basics of setting up Dexie.js.

  • When to use Flex vs. Grid

    In the hottest head-to-head to ever arise since the dawn of man. We will talk about the differences between Flex and Grid.

  • What is immutability in Javascript?

    Immutability in Javascript is an important concept in programming. Let's talk about the basics.

  • Build a Reddit Scraper: Composing Messages

    Today let's talk about composing and sending messages via the Reddit API using JavaScript and React (is that good SEO?).

  • Build a Reddit Scraper: Authenticating With Reddit OAuth

    We’re continuing our series on Build a Reddit Scraper. This will be done using JavaScript!

  • Why do I Use Custom React Hooks?

    React hooks exist, but sometimes it can be hard to know when to use a custom hook to make your state more maneuverable.

  • Build a Reddit Scraper: Problem & Solution

    This series will cover how I built a Reddit scraper using React/JavaScript and I’m hoping I can help explain a little but of how Reddit’s API works.

  • What is semantic HTML?

    Semantic HTML is something every developer should know. Which elements to use and why, and what role they play.

  • What is a Ternary Operator in JavaScript?

    A ternary operator is a quick and dirty way to write one-liner if statements.

  • Build a Reddit Scraper: Fetching Posts

    The first step to making our Reddit scraper an actual product, is getting actual posts.