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Hey, I'm Tyrel Chambers! I'm a passionate developer who cannot help but pursue fun ideas. Really. Sometimes, I just want a break!

When I'm not developing, you can usually find me watching live streams on extreme weather, taking photographs, or spending time outdoors!

I enjoy working in the front-end or things, but I'm also not afraid of doing things on the back-end. I work in Javascript primarily.

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  • How to get through your first year as a Web Developer

    I'd like to more or less document my first year as a web developer. Although that was two years ago, I'll lay out a high-level view in hopes it'll help. This is geared towards the new developers in the crowd.

  • I've exited the Matrix. You should too.

    For the past couple years I've been using so much Typescript and Javascript, it should probably be illegal. That's been the case for about 10 years, ever since I actually began teaching myself programming. Learning new languages has been eye-opening.

  • Why learning the basics is important for beginners

    I want to talk about going from knowing a limited amount of programming knowledge to jumping into using libraries like React, or Tailwind, or Bootstrap even. If you like this article, let me know, if not, crucify me - it's fine.

  • Laid off.

    F in the chat.

  • How to use Next.js in Docker on DigitalOcean with NextAuth

    In this short, but potentially growing, post, I want to let you know how I run my Next.js application in Docker on DigitalOcean. This also incorporates Next Auth!

  • How I went from 277lbs to 225lbs in 1.5 years #DevsWhoRun

    I went from 277lbs to 227lbs in 1.5 years. Now things have changed. This is my running journey.

Articles I wrote for This Dot

I wrote some articles for This Dot after certain community outreach events. I'd consider them event wrap-ups moreso than technical, but check them out if you'd like!

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I won't include the numerous other projects in various states of completion. There's a lot.

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Next.js, React, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Git, tRPC, SendGrid, Prisma, Sentry, Playwright, Mixpanel, OpenAI, DigitalOcean

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