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Hey, I'm Tyrel Chambers 👋

I'm a programmer at heart and that's what you can usually find me doing as a profession and a hobby.

Outside of programming I enjoy playing music, video games and taking photographs. I also have a Youtube channel where I flex and grow my narration skills!

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I've made some pretty cool things!

These are entirely made up of personal projects or technical challenges.


Filter and search posts from Reddit. Filter by keywords, upvote count or read time. Made for Narrators.

See Reddex case study


Connect with developers and store your code snippets. Develop with peace.

See Kanlen case study

Alysha Kyle

Built for Alysha Kyle. A Peterborough musical artist.

See Alysha Kyle


Create and modify your next package.json

See Packagr


Sort, search your own Reddit inbox, and send messages just by logging in with Reddit.

See GetNuklear

Southern Cannibal

Created for a Youtube horror narrator.

See Southern Cannibal

Stories After Midnight

Created for a Youtube horror narrator.

See Stories After Midnight

What's My Following

A little tool to give you perspective on how large your following is in comparison to tangible things.

See What's My Following

GitHub User Search

A coding exercise to allow a user to search GitHub's API for users.

See GitHub User Search


Fractal canonical weighting tool.

See FlakeRank

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I love taking photos

If you'd like to see more, check out my instagram.

Taken in 2019 in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Taken in 2021. My cousin and I hiking in our home town
Taken in 2018. My papa and I hiking by his house

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