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Hey, I'm Tyrel Chambers! I'm a passionate developer who cannot help, but pursue fun ideas. Really. Sometimes, I just want a break!

When I'm not developing, you can usually find me watching live streams on extreme weather, taking photographs, or spending time outdoors!

I enjoy working in the front-end or things, but I'm also not afraid of doing things on the back-end. I work in Javascript primarily.

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    I went from 277lbs to 227lbs in 1.5 years. Now things have changed. This is my running journey.

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    These are some things I've learned about gaining confidence as a junior developer.

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    I created JSOperators.com to help you and I find javascript operators in a flash

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    Losing one's passion for their hobbies through burnout is incredibly common. Here's how I avoid it.

  • How I transferred Postgres data using Sequelize

    I used Sequelize to migrate data from one Postgres database to another

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