Tyrel Chambers

Hey, I'm Tyrel Chambers 👋

Software Engineer @ This Dot Labs

I'm a full-stack developer living in Ontario, Canada. I'm a self-taught indie developer and I love day-dreaming new ideas and using my free time to bring them to life.

My tech stack

These technologies are ones I work with on a regular basis

  • Remix.run

  • Express.js

My cousin on the tallest cliffs in Ontario in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was a 28km round trip hike that took us all day to complete.

How I got here

I love playing music, video games and taking pictures. I'm also interesting in writing blogs and teaching people about what I enjoy.

The video here shows me and my cousin walking across the longest foot suspension bridge in Canada (about 700 feet long). It was incredibly windy up at that height (about 150 meters), but it was an amazing experience.

Where it began

When I graduated from college with a Law and Security Administration diploma, I wanted to go back to school for a better degree. My original plan was to go to university for Computer Hardware Engineering, but while getting a few missing high-school courses, I stumbled upon web development. I ditched my plans for university and pursued this career for the last 8-9 years.

My career began working as a security guard for about 9 months; it was probably the worst experience in my life 😆. I then moved into retail as a cashier at a sporting-goods store. After about 4 years I went into IT as a support rep in elementary schools for the schoolboard here. I learned a lot in that job and was happy to be near tech. After 2.5 years I finally fell into the career I've been working toward in 2021.

I enjoy writing and teaching others

If you'd like, here are a few articles I've wrote...

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Just before the void. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Some fun facts about me

I can play guitar

I've been playing guitar since I was a little kid. I've picked up a few instruments since then such as drums, piano, bass and vocals. I would love to learn the cello or violin next.

I narrate thriller stories

I've been told I have a great narrating voice. So, I gave it a go and upload videos occassionally to my youtube channel Stories After Midnight.

I enjoy going for walks and runs

Enjoying the outdoors and being in nature is something I've really come to enjoy. Taking pictures and taking in the scenery are a favourite past-time of mine.